Test Regulation

1. Delivery of an additional score report

For the purpose of helping test takers present their score reports of the Chinese test as proof of their Chinese proficiency for college application, graduation, recruitment, promotion, etc., it’s available for test takers to apply for the delivery of additional score reports via the Chinese testing service website (www.chinesetest.cn). For details of the application forms and fees, please visit the Chinese testing service website (http://www.chinesetest.cn/).

2. Modification of the score report

The HSK score report serves as important proof of test takers’ Chinese proficiency. In view that some test takers may fail to carefully check the information as required during their registration online or at the test center or fail to carefully check the registration confirmation or the test admission ticket after the completion of the test registration, which may lead to discrepancy between the personal information on the score report and the real information, the Chinese testing service website (http://www.chinesetest.cn/), in order to ensure the normal use of the report, allows test takers to apply for the modification of the score report.

Requirements for test takers’ application to modify the score report:

(1) An application to modify the information is limited to the following situations:

• Misspelling of the name

• Error of the nationality information

• Error of the gender information

(2) Test takers must provide the relevant supporting certificates, such as his/her passport and identity card.

(3) The application shall be filed within the validity period of the test results report (i.e., within two years after the end of the test).

3. Test Result Remark Service

In order to meet the needs of test takers and answer their questions, from now on, test takers can apply for the test result remark review service at the personal center of the Chinese test service website. The remark service is within 30 days after the test results are announced. Once the application is submitted successfully, it is impossible to cancel or modify the remark items. During the remark period, candidates' scores will be frozen and cannot be used for academic, job, or scholarship applications. Candidates will not be able to check their test results online or request additional test reports during this period.