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Test Samples

Special training of Listening, Reading and Writing; intensive training of exercises that many mistakes have been made, exercises that are too difficult and those that have been tested frequently before.

Answer analysis

Capture all key points, difficult points, the law that questions are made out, the prediction of the test questions, the problem-solving skills.

Writing guidance

Senior teachers will correct the essay once the photo of essay has been uploaded and special working stuff will answer questions and help learners write high score essays.

Learn whenever and wherever you want

通过我们的 iPhone 和 Android 应用使你的休息和上下班时间更有效率 下载看看 Apple 和 Google 为什么对我们推崇备至。

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Amazing technology, it has saved me a lot of time and money. Helping me improve faster.

Tadi | 津巴布韦留学生

感谢 HSK Online 在我学习过程中帮我很多,在我寻找一个app练习HSK的时候我找到了HSK Online app,这个app真的很好用,不仅能学到生词还能做题,试卷,在学习过程中有什么问题还能直接问老师,真的很方便。我会继续支持你们!

黎鸿兰 | 越南留学生

I got a high HSK 6 score, thanks to all the VIP benefits of this app. Totally recommend it!

Jamila | 荷兰留学生

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